On Tuesday 12th July, Chairman Peter O'Donoghue welcomed a full house of members and guests to the Summer Luncheon held at Armourers' Hall.


Peter is a Liverymen of the Armourers and Brasiers' Company, so it was especially fitting to have this years' event at this venue.

Summer Luncheon at Armourers' Hall

12th July 2016

As usual, our special guests at the Summer Luncheon were the Sheriffs-Elect for that year. Our Principal Guest was Alderman and Sheriff-Elect William Russell. Also attending of course was Alderman and Sheriff-Elect Peter Estlin, also President of the Ward Club.


As is traditional, the Toast to 'Our Guests' was made by the Vice-Chairman, currently Elaine Davis (who is also the Club's Membership Secretary).


Here are a few photos, click on an image to expand.

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