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The Court of Common Council

Each Ward is represented  within an Assembly called the Court of Common Council. This consists of 100 Common Councilmen and 25 Alderman (1 for each Ward). 

The number of Councilmen (minimum 2, maximum 10) allocated to each particular Ward is based on the size of the electorate in that area. Coleman Street Ward is currently represented by 4 Common Councilmen, plus of course the Alderman (and Club President) Mr Peter Estlin.

Common Council represents the public interest and informs how the City of London Corporation should carry out its various activities.


Peter Estlin

Deputy Michael Cassidy, CBE


Dawn Linsey Wright

Ms Sophie Fernandes

Andrew McMurtrie, Esq.

Ward Officers

The Ward Clerk:

Each Alderman appoints a 'Ward Clerk' on an annual basis. The role includes instructing the Ward Beadle to:

- command attention at the Ward Mote

- read aloud the precept (rules of the Election)

- assist the Alderman in the running of the Ward Mote

- assisting in the Ward as directed by the Alderman


The Honorary Ward Clerk for Coleman Street Ward is Mrs Penny Crouch.

The Ward Beadle:

The Ward Beadle is elected to office at the Ward Mote and undertakes the following duties:

- opens and closes the Ward Mote

- accompanies the Alderman on formal occasions

- carries the Ward's Mace


The Ward Beadle for Coleman Street is our own Dr Richard Fynes.

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