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Visit Mithralum Bloomberg Space & Tea


Thursday 9th February 2023

Over 30 members and their guests were able to experience what it was like to be in the Roman Temple of Mithras, reconstructed in the Bloomberg Space in the heart of the City at Walbrook. We were also able to view a selection of the remarkable Roman artefacts found during excavations. Pictured below are some of our members during the visit, along with the amazing Temple of Mithras.

After the visit we enjoyed an easy-walking guided tour lead by City of London guide Christine Jarvis on which we learnt more about the history of the Walbrook area. Many thanks to Christine.

We finished the afternoon with a splendid tea served in the elegant dining room of the exclusive Walbrook Club, the only family-run private members’ club in the City of London. My wife Marianne can be seen below far left with other members and guests.  This was the last event in my year of office and it was good to see it well attended by both new and long-standing members.

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