Welcome to the website of the Coleman Street Ward Club, a social club for those living, working, and with an interest in, the City of London Ward of Coleman Street. You are most welcome to browse and discover more about the Club's activities and membership.

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Thames Cruise & Dine  - 1st June 2022

Our Chairman, David Mortlock, has arranged Themes Cruise & Dine. More details to follow.



Tour of the GLOBE THEATRE and afternoon TEA in the SWAN at the GLOBE - 28th April 2022

Our Chairman, David Mortlock, has arranged this interesting and educational tour of the Globe Theatre, followed by a substantial tea in the “Swan in the Globe”. This is a golden opportunity to see the finer points of this iconic building based on the original Shakespeare era Theatre.

The tour will be followed by afternoon Tea of considerable proportions in the Swan at the Globe.

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