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There are 25 Wards in the City of London and most have a Ward Club. Coleman Street Ward Club was founded in 1862 by Alderman Warren Stormes Hale (see right) and currently has around 250 members.

General Information:

Objectives of the Club:


The Coleman Street Ward Club is founded on a non-political basis and is for the association of members with a view to watch and protect the interest of the Ward and to promote neighbourly and social intercourse, particularly in matters of local interest and appertaining to the rights and privileges of the City of London, but excluding those of a religious or political nature.

Membership Qualifications:


All candidates for admission to membership of the Club shall be persons who, at the date of their application, are either:-


(A)   On the Ward list of municipal or parliamentary voters for the City of London and Westminster in respect of an address within the Ward, or


(B)   Shall be interested in or represent a Company, Society or Business within the Ward, or


(C)   Exercise a Profession or be engaged in Business within the Ward, or


D)   Be a spouse or child of a member, or


(E)   Be able to satisfy the Membership Committee that he or she has the interests of the Ward at heart.


No member shall be disqualified from retaining his or her membership by ceasing to be on the said Ward list or by reason of his or her subsequently leaving the Ward.


A joining fee currently £25 is levied on all new members. The current annual subscription is £20 payable on acceptance.


Further information about membership can be obtained from the Secretary - Click Here.

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