Officers of the Ward Club:

The Ward Club is managed by its Officers, who are supported by a Committee of ten members. By long standing tradition, the President of the Ward Club is the Alderman for Coleman Street Ward, which is currently Alderman Peter Estlin.


The Rt Hon The Lord Mayor

Alderman Peter Estlin



Mr Michael Khan



Mrs Norma Gibbes

Hon. Treasurer:

Mr Josef Khan


Hon. Secretary:

Mr Peter Mantell

Hon. Chaplain:

The Reverend Prebendary Jeremy Crossley

The Committee

David Herbert (Immediate Past Chairman)

David Viner

Jashvant Joshi

David Mortlock

John Khan (Webmaster)

Elaine Davis (Membership Secretary)

Annie Quigley

Noël Haynes

Debbie Mantell

Colin Harris

Danniel Horton

Co-Opted Members

Deputy Michael Cassidy, CBE

Stuart Fraser, CBE, CC

Sophie Fernandes, CC

Andrew McMurtrie, JP, CC

Dr Gilles Cremonesi (Special representative to the UWC)

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