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The Church of St. Margaret Lothbury

The Ward Church of Coleman Street was originally St Stephen's, but when that was destroyed by enemy action in 1940 (and not re-built), the parish was combined with that of St Margaret Lothbury. The street known as 'Lothbury' provides the northern boundary to the Bank of England and the also the southern edge of the Coleman Street Ward. A church dedicated to St Margaret of Antioch has existed in Lothbury since the 12th century. The current building by Wren was completed in 1692 and is now a Church of England parish church and the official church of the Coleman Street and Broad Street Wards and of 5 Livery Companies (Armourers and Brasiers, Glovers, Tylers and Bricklayers, Tin Plate Workers and the Scientific Instrument Makers), the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and is the parish church of the Bank of England and several local firms

St Margaret Lothbury is a wonderful example of a post-fire, Wren church. Although the stained glass windows are quite a modern addition (featuring the crests of associated Livery Companies), there are many original features including the pulpit and baptismal font.

Further details of the church, its services and work within the City can be found on a very informative website: Click Here.

To the left is a City of London Corporation map showing (amongst other things) the boundary between the Wards of Coleman Street and of Broad Street, dissecting the Church of St Margaret Lothbury. Consequently, the Ward governance plagues for both Wards are situated side by side on the wall of the church (see below).

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