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Coleman Street Ward Boundary

Coleman Street is one of the 25 Wards of the City, the boundaries of which look like a particularly tricky jigsaw piece! Basinghall Street in the West gets its name from the De Basing family, two of whom were Lord Mayor in the thirteen century. The Eastern edge leads up Copthall Avenue to the Finsbury Circus Conservation Area, which was designated in 1971 and has a number of listed early-twentieth-century buildings. These include Edwin Lutyen’s Britannic House, originally built for the Anglo Persian Oil Company, the modern day BP. The Finsbury Circus bowling club came into existence in 1925 and the bandstand was added in 1955. The Bethlem Royal Hospital, which previously stood on the Circus site, conjures up a less happy picture as it was the first purpose-built hospital for the insane. The North of the Ward stretches up to the old Whitbread brewery in Chiswell Street, although Marks and Spencer in Finsbury pavement is in the London Borough of Islington. St Margaret’s Church in Lothbury is at the Southern end, where the Ward Club holds its annual carol and Harvest Festival services.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales, in Moorgate Place, was founded in 1880 and now supports over 140,000 Chartered Accountants in many parts of the world. The Ward is intersected by London Wall, which was the defensive wall first built by the Romans around Londinium. Until the later Middle Ages the wall defined the Northern boundary of the City.

. The City of London Corporation provides a useful map that shows the boudaries of all 25 Wards of the City and you can zoom-in to show quite high levels of detail Click Here to visit the site.

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